Pete’s Mistake

Kenny Wessel and Bruce Arnold at Birdland, NYC Pete's Mistake

Pete’s Mistake found on the CD Heard Instinct CD

Pete’s Mistake found on the CD Heard Instinct CD

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In general Bruce is on the left side and Kenny is on the right side of the mix, but they are not panned all the way, so even knowing that, it’s a bit hard to hear who is who. Here are some tips while you listen.

NOTE: Times are approximate to within one or two seconds:

“Pete’s Mistake” by Kenny Wessel from the CD “Heard Instinct”

Heard Instinct CD Notes for “Pete’s Mistake” by Kenny Wessel

Bruce and Kenny start out improvising together over the A section of the tune. Then Bruce plays the head at 0:45 (form is AABA). Bruce solos at 1:33 and then Kenny solos at 3:52. At 6:10 we improvise together over the form. At 7:00 the head out is played by Kenny, and then at 7:46 we start trading 4’s.

“Pete’s Mistake”

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